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Transmission / Check Engine Codes

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)

The following table lists Diagnostic Trouble Codes (or “fault” codes) related to the transmission. If your vehicle dashboard shows a check engine or check transmission light on, then one or more of these codes will be displayed when a “scantool” or “code reader” is hooked to your vehicle’s onboard computer through the OBD-II port underneath the steering wheel. You can then find possible causes and fixes based on that code number.

You can have your vehicle scanned free of charge at most local auto parts stores, including Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, etc to determine what codes are in the computer.  Or purchase an basic code reader/scan tool at your local auto parts stores or Amazon.

Alternatively, you can take your vehicle to a local repair shop for a diagnosis and estimate for repairs.

Full Check Engine & Transmission DTC Codes Table

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